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About the New Market

The New Market is a communally supported marketplace designed to fund projects that build just, sustainable, and abundant futures. As both customers and creators, we the people have the power to grow economic systems that honor the land, celebrate our individual and collective brilliance, and shift the story of how we sustain Life on Earth.


How we sell, shop, and buy is the everyday eco-nomics we create.

Reciprocal and Abundant

By honoring the creative spirit of makers, we create the first seed of reciprocity. When we purchase with abundant intent, we all win.

How We Work

The New Market features a grassroots project each season that is actively seeking funding. Projects get funded and makers are celebrated as we build new, Earth-aligned systems of human sustenance and enrichment.
Makers and Artisans Create

Businesses, artisans, community mmembers, creators, anyone really, gifts items to the New Market in support of the project.

You directly support projects

Community members purchase items through the New Market (at fair prices that reflect their value), just as at any online store, and proceeds directly fund the current projects.

Projects get funded

Proceeds go towards funding the featured project, projects get funded, and you get to shop with power, knowing your purchase supports positive change.